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Filters : Baldwin Air Dryer Products

Baldwin Filters has a full line of direct replacement air dryers for heavy-duty air braking systems. BADLWIN “BA53XX” series products can be used on applications currently using Bendix, Haldex and other popular systems.

BALDWIN  current line consists of seven dryers. Replacements for several other applications are in process to be released soon. Typical applications include on- and off-highway trucks, transit buses and waste hauler trucks.

Why Use Air Dryers?
A typical application consists of a compressor (to pressurize the system), an air dryer (to remove water and small amounts of oil from the compressed air) and a reservoir or “air tank” (to store air to be used for vehicle braking, etc.).

The workhorse of the air dryer is the desiccant (a drying agent), which helps remove water from the compressed air. The end result is cleaner, drier air supplied to the air brake system. This helps to prevent line and component freeze, and promotes longer life of the air system itself.

Typical service intervals for Air Dryer products are:

  • 1 year for high air usage
  • 2 years for medium air usage
  • 3 years for standard air usage



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