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Filters : Baldwin Axial Seal Air Filter Products

February 2010

Most axial seal style air filters for heavy-duty applications are made with sealing gaskets glued to steel end caps. As the filter is secured in the housing, the gasket compresses against flat sealing surfaces, forms a seal and prevents airborne contaminants from bypassing the filter.

The Change…
As an innovative company, Baldwin Filters now utilizes new technology in the design of a select group of axial seal style heavy-duty air filters within our product line. Some steel end caps with glued sealing gaskets will now be replaced by molded urethane en+d caps and sealing gaskets. With this technology, soft urethane used for the gasket is molded together with a more rigid urethane used for the end cap. Some filters will have urethane end caps on both ends while others may still require the use of a metal end cap at one end.

The Benefits…

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Eliminates Gasket Adhesion Concerns
  • Enhanced Gasket Sealing

When Will I See The New Design?
A running change will be made to the filters involved. Many products already utilize this technology.

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